Caido is now in public beta

Caido is now in public beta

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We’re excited to announce the public beta of Caido! We have been working on Caido since 2021 and are proud to share with you what we have built. Our long private beta throughout 2022 allowed us to gather a lot of helpful feedback, build a strong community and make the product better.

All the tools you love

For this public beta launch, we are shipping most of the tools required for exploration and manual testing of web applications. It includes:

  • Sitemap: Visualize the structure of any website that is proxied

  • Forward: Pause, edit and drop proxied requests

  • Intercept: View, filter and scope all intercepted requests

  • Replay: Edit and resend requests individually

  • Automate: Customize and test requests against large wordlists

  • Tamper: Modify requests automatically as they pass through the proxy

  • Convert: Encode or decode text using a chain of encodings

  • History: View and filter requests generated from all the tools

  • Scope: Filter requests from in-scope and out-of-scope hosts


When we started working on Caido, we wanted to make sure that two major tenets would always be respected:

  • Be efficient with resources

  • Be as flexible as possible

This is why Caido’s architecture is based around a server written in Rust that you can run anywhere and a web client written in Vue. This is also why you will hear the term “instance” thrown around since from your computer you can access many remote and local installations of Caido. You can use our desktop application or directly from your browser!


We know there is a lot yet to build to make Caido feature complete. As much as we want to build everything, we are a small bootstrap team so hard choices have to be made.

This is where you can help! All bugs and feature requests are available on Github and you can vote on those that you consider a priority. It helps us a lot when deciding the next things to work on. You can see what is currently in the pipeline by visiting our public roadmap.

Our main goal for 2023 is to make sure Caido can be your main proxy and contain all the tools you need. This currently includes:

  • Support for plugins and a modern plugin store

  • Support for more protocols

  • Passive vulnerability scanning of requests

  • Collaboration between team members

  • Polishing and better integration of existing tools

Try it out!

Excited to see what Caido can do? Join the public beta by registering for free and create your first instance. If you want to join our community, you can also join our Discord.

All the features of Caido are currently free. You can support the project by subscribing to a Pro tier and get early access to the new features we are building.